The driving school of Tilburg: Verkeersschool Doen!

Ready to start with driving lessons? Verkeersschool Doen in Tilburg! More than 250 candidates have been before you in the past years. They have been safely and successfully trained by our driving school, so that they all managed to obtain their driving license.

Verkeersschool Doen is a driving school in Tilburg, but of course we also provide driving lessons in surrounding villages and districts. Think of;

  • Tilburg
  • Berkel-Enschot,
  • Goirle,
  • Tilburg Reeshof,
  • Oisterwijk,
  • Udenhout,
  • Loon op Zand,
  • Kaatsheuvel,
  • Sprang Capelle,
  • Waalwijk

We are convinced that we are the best driving school in Tilburg and surroundings, so be sure to contact me.

Driving school in Tilburg with many possibilities

Verkeersschool Doen offers various options. For example, do you want to get your driving license within just 10 days? This is possible through a crash course. Do you prefer to take a little longer?

That is no problem at Verkeersschool Doen in Tilburg. Whatever your preference, our driving lessons are always given in a personal and professional manner. Moreover, you also benefit from a competitive price. Despite the high quality, our driving school in Tilburg does provide cheap driving lessons. After all, a driving license must be within reach for everyone and not cause any surprises afterwards.

Our modern, powerful teaching cars

The lessons are given in well-maintained cars. These training cars are modern, powerful and ideal for our driving lessons in Tilburg and surroundings. They are also equipped with a navigation system for the independent rides. Getting your driving license is more fun than ever at Verkeersschool Doen.

Get your driving license in Tilburg with a crash course!

Get your driving license within 10 days with the crash course at Verkeersschool Doen!

Verkeersschool Doen helps you to get your driving license in 10 days. This can be done through a crash course for obtaining the driving license in Tilburg. With a driver’s license in your pocket, the world is at your feet. What’s better than getting that piece of paper? We make it possible for you!

Start quickly with your first driving lesson and before you know it you will have your driving license!

Nice, but urgently get your driver’s license in Tilburg

At Verkeersschool Doen we work with a pleasant teaching method: you are prepared for the practical exam in a professional way. We also like to work efficiently; you can therefore urgently obtain the driving license in Tilburg and surroundings. get it. This way you can quickly make safe kilometers!

Before you start with the crash course driving license, we would like to determine how many lessons you need and whether it is really something for you. Getting your driver’s license urgently requires concentration and is very intensive. During the crash training of the driving license you will receive a lot of information in a short time. We also like to look at this together.

You can take a trial lesson with us without obligation. On the basis of this trial lesson, the instructor can work with you to determine what suits you best. For example, the lessons for the crash course for your driving license are planned. This way you know exactly what is expected of you, before you enter the roads of Tilburg and surroundings for a crash course to get your driving license!


Are you not yet convinced that we are the best driving school in Tilburg? Do you want to know more?
Then read more about our driving school.

What makes us the best driving school in Tilburg?

Because we strive to be the best driving school in Tilburg, we like to distinguish ourselves from other driving schools. How do we do that? The spearheads of Verkeersschool Doen show this:


A regular, trusted driving instructor,


Personal and professional guidance,


No waiting list, but start driving lessons immediately,


Pleasant, short lines of communication,


Driving lessons in understandable steps,


Classes during the week as well as in the weekend,


Qualitative teaching cars,

Price driving lessons

The price of getting your driver’s license is highly dependent on the number of lessons you need. For this we offer various driving lessons packages in Tilburg and surroundings. With an appropriate driving lesson package you can get your driving license within 35 or 45 driving lessons. And if this is not enough, then Verkeersschool Doen also offers separate driving lessons.

Driving license costs

If you want to get your driving license, you are of course curious about what an hour of driving lessons costs. In a package with driving lessons, the price of a single driving lesson is the cheapest. In a driving license package you pay about 10% less for a driving lesson compared to the price for a single driving lesson. The cost of all your driving lessons together also depends on how many lessons you think you need. We can always advise on this.

Driving lessons rates

Costs for individual driving lessons

Although a driver’s license package is the most advantageous, Verkeersschool Doen also offers separate driving lessons. This is useful when your package of driving lessons has run out and you need a few more lessons. Of course you can also get your entire driving license in separate driving lessons.

Individual driving lesson of 90 minutes € 90,-

Costs Practical exam

After you have taken driving lessons at Verkeersschool Doen, you will have to take an exam. The costs for this are already included in the driving lessons in a driving license package. However, if you also want to take an Interim Test, if you have failed or if you want to take a special exam, you can take these exams via Verkeersschool Doen.

CBR Interim Test€ 229,-

CBR Practical exam

€ 279.-

CBR Fear of failure exam

€ 329,-
BNOR Practice exam€ 319,-

Cost theory

In addition to costs for driving lessons, you also have to pay for the theory material and exam. The exercise material is available in various forms. Everything can be ordered online via the theory shop of Verkeersschool Doen, or can be requested from your driving instructor. The theory books are standard in the teaching cars.

All rates include VAT.
Price changes and printing errors are subject to change.

The costs of the learning and teaching material for the practical and / or theory lessons must be paid at the start of the driving course, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Payments to Verkeersschool Doen make only the account number (KNAB) which is on the invoice. We cannot give any guarantees about cash payments to the instructor. We will always have to check with the driving instructor before we can complete a refund.